Marine Le Pen Looking Like a Win

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When I was young and a green socialist I would have been terrified. But I understand Nationalism and pride in ones country more and more. There is a quote along the lines of ‘if you are not a socialist in your youth you are heartless, if you are not conservative as you age you are braindead’…er words to that effect.

Marine Le Pen’s chances of an electoral earthquake in France are gaining momentum as Macron loses his bearings

France goes to the polls in 2022, and such is President Emmanuel Macron’s unpopularity that the prospect of a Le Pen victory is being seriously considered, to the extent a risk assessment has been produced by a leading think tank.
With the French presidential elections now less than a year away, when cafes and bars reopen post-Covid, there will be one topic of conversation among customers to dominate all others – the very real possibility that Marine Le Pen could be the next President of the Republic.

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So strong is the sense of dread of this nightmare for the French left that one influential think tank has issued a ‘risk assessment’ on what this could mean for the nation. It’s the sort of exercise usually taken to forestall a national disaster like, for instance, an outbreak of an uncontrollable killer virus.

The work by Fondation Jean-Jaurès – named after a French Socialist Party leader from the early 20th century – goes so far as to delve into voter emotions in an effort to understand the rise of Marine Le Pen since her defeat in the 2017 election.


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