Mark dice Youtube page deleted from Google search results

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Atleast here in Finland:

Mark Dice Youtube page doesn’t show up in search results (went through the list for 5 pages)


Went through the search results for 5 pages and no Youtube page. I think a week ago this still worked and the Youtube page was #1 result.

Posted this exact same thing to Twitter and I was immediately accused of “suspicious activity” and locked out of the account.

It’s getting kinda weird.

That first result although it’s Youtube, it’s a totally different channel’s video about Mark Dice. No Mark Dice videos or the actual channel is anywhere in the results from Google.

Using Duckduckgo the Youtube-page is the #1 result as was the Google-result like a week ago.

I mean that’s weird, right?

Okay wow. They have scrubbed also Paul Joseph Watson and Tim Pool from the results:

Paul Joseph Watson’s Youtube page and videos are also scrubbed from Google search results in Finland

Tim Pool Youtube page and videos banned from Google-results in Finland

This is crazy.

Those Paul Joseph Watson videos in the picture are copied versions of the real videos to another account called “Jack Warner” which have like 700 subscribers. So it’s obvious they have just killed all links to the actual Youtube page and the original videos.

Dave Rubin’s Rubin Report and Ben Shapiro’s Youtube pages and videos were still showing up normally in the results.

Lauren Southern’s page and videos weren’t. She is scrubbed from the results.

Who else should I test?





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