Market Collapse in Mid February

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by garthsworld

Hello people checking out new in conspiracy.

Lots of evidence adding up that GameStop shares were probably counterfeited. Millions of shares came back unaccounted for at the end of January. Theres a lot more data I can try to share, but essentially right now the counterfeited shares are being traded back and forth by hedge funds, and Fidelity, Vanguard and Blackrock are trying to buy as many shares as possible to cover with, because they have huge ownership in GameStop and probably lent out their shares, so they’re now part of the problem. Shares that go unaccounted for have to be accounted for eventually, but if hedge funds are trading them back and forth they can add another 3 days to the deadline. It’s like writing a floating check back and forth between bank accounts to cover money until you can get ahold of it, but ultimately there’s a strike day that it has to be accounted for, that number is 21 days from end of January, putting this at February 19th as the last day of the market that week.

Fidelity and Vanguard are giants on Wall Street, if this thing affects them, it’s going to have huge implications on the entire market. If the market crashes, we have something else we need to examine that I’ve written here before.

I wrote this elsewhere. But things are notoriously impossible to predict. So instead lets just look at the ingredients it took to make something happen.

This could be even worse than 2008, it’s bigger than just a mortgage bubble, look at all the other ingredients in this terrible soup:

Right now we have:

  • good evidence GameStop shares were counterfeited for the naked short, and it will probably be exposed
  • Vanguard and Fidelity would cascade into the rest of the market
  • could result in massive loss of confidence in system
  • a bubble in the housing mortgages AGAIN but this time is stacked with loan forebearances from the covid bill and people not having to pay their mortgages until later this year for all of last year (what money are they going to use to pay it?!)
  • banks aren’t protected from people not paying mortgages since the rate is only at 3%
  • historical unemployment
  • huge inflation, 23.6% of all US dollars to EVER be printed out, were printed out last year for the covid bills (and it’s probably even significantly more)
  • already CNBC saying that raising the rate is the only thing to prevent something like the GameStop thing with retail investors from happening again (I can’t find any reason only Jim Cramer saying it)

We’re sitting on two time bombs, a double bubble in stocks and housing, plus we have inflation, plus we have massive unemployment.

Even worse, let’s compare that to something else…

Great Depression Factors:

  • Initial Massive Stock Market Crash that triggered panic sell off of assets
  • Followed by massive deflation
  • Lost confidence in the system spirals this to out of control levels (money was backed by gold at the time, and the massive panic causes banks to have to further stop people from taking money in order to match 1:1 ratios backing the cash to gold reserves)
  • Massive unemployment as soldiers got home increasing the workforce to then record numbers of unemployment
  • The FED raised the rate to 5%, then 6%, then 7%, meaning there were both conversion problems and a high interest rate on loans causing both consumers and borrowers to cut their spending and exacerbate the issue

TL;DR – the final ingredients for that dark winter and great reset and build back better and all the other memes we’ve been posting here are kind of being added to the soup right now. There are factors happening that could start it in mid February with a market collapse.


Disclaimer: This information is only for educational purposes. Do not make any investment decisions based on the information in this article. Do you own due diligence or consult your financial professional before making any investment decision.



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