Market gonna break some necks this week

by arzt506

Last weekend I posted explaining how VIX was building huge pressure and peeps were gonna get wasted ( This week the VIX hit its highest point in almost 9 YEARS and whaddya know… this weekend we’re treated to a ton of converted gaylords who bought their puts on Friday morning hyping up every possible piece of beer virus noise to feel better about their poor choices in life. The same people who were somehow able to ignore every piece of beer virus news the five days between getting approved on RH to buy a gaytarded $200 MSFT FD and getting completely screwed to a 0$ account balance this week.

Here’s what the chart looks like now:

Guess what. You’re about to get screwed again. That cash withdrawal you made on Friday from your credit card so you could buy a put? Probably already worthless. And before you start whining about market manipulation like you did after the last time you made an “investment” (let me take a wild guess, .069420 of a digital moneys on Dec 17 2017?) here’s a history lesson so you can prime your bum bum for more pain.

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Here are all the times in the past 12 years when Vix crossed 30:

Dec 2018 – Vix peaks at 36 and next day immediate one day 6.6% rally off of the previous days close

Feb 5 2018 – Vix peaks at 38 next day opens lower but rallies 4% from the open in one day

Feb 7 2018 – Vix peaks at 33.5 and rallies 8.5% over the next five days

Aug 2015 – Vix peaks at 41 and rallies 12.3% over the next four days

Aug 2011 – Vix peaks at 49 and next day rallies 5% from open

Also Aug 2011 – Vix peaks at 45.5 and rallies 7.5% over the next 3 days

May 2010 – Vix peaks at 41 and opens with a gap and rallies 5.3% from previous days close

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Also May 2010 – Vix peaks at 46.5 and rallies 7% over the next 7 days, but with some shake out candles thrown in.

“But what about 2008 you stupid retard?” Vix peaks at 36.5, market gaps up the next day and rallies 9% in two days. Then the world plunges into chaos. But guess what? Every subsequent peak in Vix is followed by a bear market rally forcing low conviction retards with no collateral to cover their asses.

Don’t say you weren’t warned if we have a 4-6% day on Monday. I’m bearish overall for the next 12 months but if you think markets go straight down you’re gonna get wrecked.

TLDR: Ur puts might be shit I don’t even know why I went to the effort of making this post when you’re just going to call it retarded.



Disclaimer: This information is only for educational purposes. Do not make any investment decisions based on the information in this article. Do you own due diligence.