Market Madness as Potential Crisis Catalyst Hidden! Former Central Bank Advisor Speaks Up

What word would you use to describe current conditions in the financial markets?

The market is sick. It has become delusional. This is typical for any late stage part of a cycle. What is truly different this time is that we have seen multiple attempts to defibrillate the financial system before it even fully went to sleep. There’s no good explanation for their action based on the data they provide. Something doesn’t add up. But regardless, mainstream news, alternative news, analysts, fund companies, and the small time investor have all capitulated, all-in, maximum risk, highest leverage, margin-trading madness. The consensus is now clearly: Nothing Else Matters.


Cramer: Buyers after Monday market slide ‘coming in on quicksand here’

Market reactions to major virus scares show stocks have more to lose

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Apple supply chain braces for disruption from coronavirus outbreak | South China Morning Post

Apple execs talk coronavirus impact, iPhone strength – Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) | Seeking Alpha

U.S. Treasury curve inverts as virus outbreak fans growth fears – Reuters

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China-U.S. Air Traffic Is In Free-Fall

METALS-Copper in longest losing streak for six years on China virus fears – Reuters

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3M Accelerates Pace of Transformation Journey | 3M News | United States

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US budget deficit to break $1 trillion in fiscal 2020, CBO says

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Here’s what I learned at Davos 2020 | World Economic Forum



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