Martin Armstrong: Corruption Behind COVID

by Martin Armstrong

COMMENT: Hello Martin
When are these bastards going to get their day? I have friends neighbours that have taken the vaccine and all of a sudden they are feeling bad. high blood pressure, low haemoglobin levels, dizziness, headaches extreme menstrual bleeding. They still do not mention that it may be the vaccine. In fact I do not even think they have put the pieces together that it may be the vaccine that has caused it. I am thankful everyday that my family brothers sisters mother nieces nephews could smell this bullshit from the beginning. When will these parasites be dragged out for what they have done? As you have said you have a lot of contacts political financial etc. Indeed resistance is not futile. Surely these people must know whats going on? It only takes one person to set the ball rolling.
I am thankful for your unbiased reporting everyday. You could have just walked away and enjoyed your life but you did not.
My sincere gratitude and all the best from Scotland

REPLY: I think that they rigged the election to get the PERFECT team — Biden & Harris. The two of them would have to form a committee to figure out how to change a lightbulb and worry it was brighter than both of them put together. I am not saying that from a partisan perspective. The real powers behind the curtain who write these executive orders are counting on the fact that Biden does not put two and two together. Yet in Russia, even they have succumbed to this madness. They are now saying you must have proof of a vaccine to enter a bar or nightclub.

I fear a lot of the politicians really have no idea what they have done. All they are doing is following the money and lining their pockets. My greatest fear is they know very well how to manipulate politicians. They will NEVER admit to a mistake. I have told the story of how I advised Lady Thatcher. When she was run out of office and John Major took over, the agenda was to terminate the pound and join the euro. They entered the ERM and overvalued the pound, which made Soros famous and rich by shorting that. They called me to asked what the computer said if they could hold the pound against Soros & the Club’s attack. I told them Major had to devalue. They immediately replied that he could not, for that was a campaign promise he made. I then told them to allow the pound to float to seek its own level, and they said it was brilliant. It was the very same thing except the free market would do it, not John Major. That is what I mean about never admitting to a mistake. I have been called in so many times because I understand the game.

mRNA vaccine review final

There have been no specific guidelines for even how to use messenger RNA (mRNA) vaccines or contraindications to mRNA vaccines. There have also been NO large trials of any mRNA vaccine completed yet. Why would government subject its entire population to a vaccine for a virus that has less than a 1% death rate? This makes no sense. Some claim those vaccinated will be dead within two years and they will then be able to indoctrinate the children to be green economic slaves who have no memory of freedom. Interesting theory, but that is something more in line with the character of Bill Gates or Schwab. It is hard to believe politicians would knowingly sign up for that agenda.

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My fear is that the politicians were bought and paid for with an endless supply of money, and we can assume who has been funding things behind the curtain. Slowly as we turn, little by little emerges. It turns out Google was funding the very research on viruses in Wuhan through its charity. I don’t know that they even knew what they were funding. There are even motions flying around in Washington to fire Fauci. Others have been calling for his resignation, and the fact that he does not shows he is connected. Of course, the Democrats will refuse because they would have to admit they trusted the wrong guy. Even in Germany, the former health minister is calling for an investigation of Merkel. Meanwhile, there are rumors that Merkel is seriously sick after taking a vaccine herself.

These vaccines are emerging as a real danger. From Israel, they are being linked to blood diseases. Then there are people claiming these vaccines are causing infertility. In Australia, their top health official is urging people to take the second shot for the risks of blood clots and infertility is low. Then there are stories that 19 days prior to the official announcement Covid-19 was a “pandemic,” drug giant Moderna sent COVID “vaccine” samples to the University of North Carolina. Other reports claim the virus has never been isolated. Then there are questions arising asking what does Bill Gates, GAVI, Genfleisch, ID2020, and the tobacco industry all have in common with corona vaccinations?

If that is not bad enough, children being made to wear masks may be getting sick just from the masks. The University of Florida Lab discovered very dangerous pathogens were developing on children’s face masks. Then there is a very mysterious bird flu in the United States with birds dying in record numbers.

Since these forecasts are NOT my personal opinion and they come from Socrates, this is not a future I wish to see. All I can do is stand up for my family and not yield to this nonsense that they refuse to address seriously. All dissent is blocked, censored, canceled, and labeled a “conspiracy theory,” which means they are hiding something and refuse to answer the question.


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