Martin Armstrong: The CDC Fraud of 1976 With Swine Flu – They Never Tell the Truth

by Martin Armstrong

The problem we have is that the government protects its own and routinely refuses to pay victims of vaccines while granting 100% immunity to Big Pharma. So why should they really care if the product is safe or not? Big Pharma will make nearly $100 billion next year from this endless pandemic they hope to keep going without end.

John Hopkins is in on the scam. Big Pharma has been lobbying the government to look the other way to make sure everyone is forced to take their vaccines. Threats that you lose your job unless you submit is clearly an abuse of power when this is nowhere near as lethal as the Spanish Flu of 1918, when masks also were deemed “useless,” as reported by the Washington Post.

Then the world’s greatest pretend philanthropist, Bill Gates, who invests in Big Pharm and is making a fortune pushing this pandemic, will not provide vaccines to poor nations for free but wants the US and Europe to pay him for the vaccines and they donate them. That is by no mean a philanthropist. Every small businessman is a philanthropist under Gates; the definition is because you are providing employment which in his view is charity.

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This is NOT a question of anti-vax, science, or any other bullshit. This is about outright corruption that is exploiting the people and destroying our way of life so they can make a mountain of money. The Declaration of Independence listed that the king also protected his people with mock trials. Nothing ever changes. Those in government can outright kill people and walk away. And we should trust these people?

The Office of Inspector General MUST be made independent and have the power to indict any government officials, including those in the intelligence community. Only when there is an independent body who is NOT part of the executive branch beholding to the Department of Justice will those in power EVER act ethically. It is time for the fourth branch of government – NOW!

People are waking up as this sign on the street in New York outside the Met. Open your eyes. Enough is enough. Reform is now critical! They will always cover up these events; this is not the first time.


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