Martin Lewis demands Government DELETES ‘irresponsible’ tweet suggesting first-time buyers in London on a £30,000 salary can buy a £500,000 terraced home

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by Boo_Randy

Captured governments working hand in glove with their bankster pimps to lure gullible sheeple into a lifetime of debt servitude. First-time buyers who sign on Mr. Banker’s dotted line for insanely overpriced houses (f**k you, central banker scum) are going to be facing financial ruin when Housing Bubble 2.0 implodes like a supernova.

Money saving guru Martin Lewis today rubbished claims from the Government that prospective homebuyers earning £30,000-per-year could purchase a property in London thanks to the Treasury’s latest tax cuts.

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The consumer champion and Good Morning Britain presenter took to Twitter to urge the Treasury to delete a tweet that said first-time buyers could soon snap up property in the capital after Chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng outlined the Growth Plan.

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