Mask Mandates Are Futile and Part of the Covid-Psyop

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By Chris Black

I currently live in the European Union, in a country where mask wearing is compulsory even outdoors, at all times basically, and you will get fined for non-compliance, anything between $100 and $500. Also, it is forbidden to go outside between 23:00 and 5.00 (night curfew), because we have retarded people in power.

“Here’s the deal, man”: N95 respirators are not designed for and cannot filter virus. Anyone saying so is lying. Every real N95 mask manual even says in the warning that they are designed to filter specific particles and will not protect from biological agents.

The manufacturers aren’t going to open themselves to billions in liability lawsuits for making a claim that cannot be backed up with evidence and an actual standard.

No mask outside a full-on respirator with disposable filters will help you. If you are infected, they are worthless because they only filter incoming air, not exhaled. So, you will be contaminating anything you breath on.

Cloth masks (what most people wear) will not reduce the severity of an infection, they will make it worse. You will increase the load of any respiratory pathogen as you breath it into the cloth and breathe it back in. 

Studies done on surgical masks found that they had no effect on preventing bacterial infections of surgical wounds. The only purpose of a surgical mask is to prevent expelled fluids from open body cavities from entering a surgeon’s nose and mouth.

Sorry to break the bad news.

Also, as I told you in my previous article about “covid-19”, stop calling it the CCP Virus and a pandemic. The current sickness doesn’t qualify as a pandemic, and it never did. 

It also isn’t the CCP Virus. It is the Bill Gates WEF Virus. 

The virus psyop was created to crush the populist movements against global economic control. It has done a wonderful job. The absolute worst leaders in human history are all still in power. Yes, worse than Hitler, Stalin, and Mao. Nobody else in history put nearly the entire world in a box for a cold.

Welcome to the end of the world. Sure seems like it.

On Monday we will have a Christmas Star unlike any seen since the 1200s. Is it to signal a new dawn, or the rise of the antichrist? The Satan worshipers have all the wins this year. Gates, Fauci, and the Satanic governor puppets. The billionaire overlords just mocking the population. Your mark of the beast is being finalized and will be installed on your phone next year. Instead of being on your hand, it will simply be in your hand. 

Stay strong.


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