Mask study Shows People Who Wear Mask Are More Violent, Less Moral, Meaner

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Wearing masks in public will change the way people behave, and the consequences for society could be devastating.

The White House released the plan to Open America Again. It’s a reasonable, 3-phase plan that relaxes Coronavirus restrictions in 14-day increments. As a state achieves certain metrics, based on CDC surveillance data, it advances to the next phase.

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Phases one and two allow increased activity with the recommendation of requiring face masks when in confined public places like work.

How do people behave when wearing masks? That’s an important question.

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Luckily, psychologists and sociologists have studied the behavioral effects of masks. The findings should alarm everyone, especially employers. And police.

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People wearing masks are meaner, more selfish, less moral, and more violent. And I’m not talking about people who don masks with the intent of behaving badly. I’m talking about otherwise decent people who change when they put a mask on.


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