Masked men fire AK-47s in strict gun-control France

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France is a strict gun-control country with intricate laws, in accordance with the European Firearms Directive:

  1. A hunting or shooting sport license is required to purchase a weapon.
  2. Civilians are prohibited from carrying fully automatic firearms, such as AK-47s; firearms of a caliber greater than 20mm; handgun magazines with a capacity greater than 20 rounds; and rifle or shotgun magazines with a capacity greater than 31 rounds.
  3. Individuals cannot own more than 12 handguns, more than 10 magazines or more than 1,000 rounds per firearm.
  4. For handguns, there is a quota of 2,000 rounds per year with a maximum of 1,000 in stock.
  5. You need an ID or resident card and an authorization of ownership to buy ammunition.
  6. Furthermore, all registered guns and ammunition must be stored in a gun safe in a way that prevents easy access, e.g., via a lock or having the safe attached to a wall. (See “Gun laws in France“)
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And yet, despite all the gun-control restrictions, yesterday a gang of masked men firing AK-47s brazenly abducted a youth from the streets of Marseilles, France.

The Guardian reports:

The local newspaper La Provence reported that the armed gang appeared to be looking for someone and threatened locals before firing several times into the air. They then grabbed a youth and drove off. …

… Amateur film footage posted on Twitter showed at least half a dozen black-clad gunmen firing, apparently at random, on the estate. Witnesses said the group brandished several semi-automatic rifles and at least one handgun.


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How can this happen in strict gun-control France? I just don’t get it. /sarc

H/t The Daily Wire


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