MASS FAMINE Begins Worldwide! – Food Prices SKYROCKET!

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Josh Sigurdson reports on the rise of famine worldwide and the development of a global famine due to massive lockdowns and restrictions.

Food prices are skyrocketing for the most part while 28 million people face homelessness in the U.S. alone! Around 80% of independent restaurants face near imminent insolvency and millions are unemployed. 25% of GDP is government and all of the above play into each other and make each other worse.

New surveys also find that one in five Americans will be out of money by the beginning of November. That’s almost immediate. How will it look in one year if one month from now looks so dire?

How will this end? How can we prevail? This will certainly not end well and there’s no upsides in sight right now. The uncomfortable fact is that this will continue for many years and in that time it will get much worse. Long term there is an upside, but we cannot pretend that further shutdowns won’t happen. We cannot pretend that restrictions will continue to come down upon us all. This global crisis will turn into a famine as we predicted and reported on at the beginning of the year.

It takes living by example, breaking free and not complying to survive this catastrophe.



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