Mass Protests in France and Greece Against Mandated Vaccines and QR Code Vaccine Pass System

By Chris Black

Things are happening fast. As I predicted a long time ago, covid/vaccination proof digital passports are now being implemented in Europe, as well as mandatory vaccinations. 

For the moment, it seems like the US is not affected by the first wave of QR code vaxx enforcement, but I think it’s all part of the plan.

Basically, Europe is preparing for another full lockdown this fall, while Americans are left thinking the whole thing is winding down. But obviously, this is not true. 

The good news is that Greece and France are fighting the hoax virus regime. And it’s beautiful.


Thousands took the streets in two of Greece’s largest cities to protest new health mandates – which bar the unvaccinated from many public spaces and require medical staff to take the shot – as well as plans to immunize teenagers.

Large crowds of demonstrators were seen in Athens and Thessaloniki on Wednesday, numbered in the thousands according to the Associated Press, some reportedly chanting “Hands off our kids!” while others hoisted banners reading “We say no to vaccine poison.


The protests come on the heels of several new pandemic measures, one of which effectively closes all indoor public places to the unvaccinated, including bars, restaurants, theaters and other entertainment venues. The policy takes effect on Friday and will remain at least until the end of August, part of an effort to curb transmission at crowded bars and clubs, which the government has blamed for a recent surge in cases.

“After a year and a half, no one can claim ignorance about the coronavirus anymore,” Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis said earlier this week. “The country will not shut down again due to attitudes adopted by certain people … It’s not Greece that’s a danger, but unvaccinated Greeks.”


Fantastic optics:

Having tens of thousands of people in the streets protesting the virus regime feels encouraging. There have been massive protests in the UK for a while now, but I really don’t think that the world government will back down. 

The French are also in the streets, fighting against mandatory vaccinations imposed by the Macron regime:


People in France have taken to the streets to protest against the government’s decision to make Covid-19 vaccination compulsory for health workers and to introduce a health pass to access bars and restaurants.

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Protests took place across France on Wednesday with heated clashes erupting with police in Paris. A number of groups, including those associated with the Gilets Jaunes (Yellow Vest) movement, announced their intention to hold demonstrations across the country on Tuesday following the government’s announcement of compulsory vaccinations for health workers and the introduction of a national Covid-19 passport.

In Paris, eyewitness footage captured people fleeing from tear gas as police were deployed in sizable numbers to break up the demonstrations. Major city arteries could be seen blocked by protesters and police. In one instance, a canister of tear gas landed near a restaurant terrace, causing diners to scarper inside.

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Here’s the blackpill: it doesn’t matter how much these people in Greece, France, Cuba, South Africa or UK protest.  Even if there are concessions, it will still be the same people running the show. 

 Even the people protesting are so thoroughly indoctrinated by the education system and mass media propaganda, that even if they took over, it would still result in a leftist/Marxist government of some type.

There hasn’t been real change since the 1930s and we know that the usual suspects will drop nukes before they allow any real change, including based national movements take over again.

What about America? Lots of countries’ citizens are rioting In the face of their government’s tyranny; all except the heavily armed citizens of America, who are sat at home polishing their guns.

“Well, when Biden demanded that we all get our vaxx passports, here in the US, I couldn’t take to the streets because, you know, I work. I have a job and although it’s a death jab for my kids, I wasn’t gonna use a vacation day to riot. It was easier to just schedule our vaccines at the local Walgreens. They have evening hours.” Joe Sixpack 

Satan must be jealous of how smart and evil the elites are. This will all turn into a war between the vaccinated and the unvaccinated, exactly what the elites need to get the focus off of them.


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