MASS Store Closures Continue! Economy Suffering Massive Contraction As Debt Compounds

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Stores are closing. Debt is rising. You will only understand the truth if you actively look for this information. Can you handle the truth?

You can look at the store closures and dismiss the details. You can see the layoffs and do the same. You can choose to only see government provided statistics, and ignore the remainder. But if you want the truth, you must connect the dots. Only those who are willing to look deeper will understand what’s going on. Those who have their life attached to something, will never allow their normalcy bias to be overridden. Shame though, so many will be hurt.


Walgreens is closing 200 stores in the US, company says – Business Insider

26 Sears, Kmart stores to close, company ‘cannot rule out’ more

Barneys seeks bankruptcy protection, closes most stores

CVS to slow store openings as Walgreens closes stores

Auto sector crisis deepens: Around two lakh jobs cut in last 3 months – Business News


More people are getting into debt and unable to repay their loans – MarketWatch

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