Massachusetts closes all dine in restaurants and ups school closing to 3 weeks. Newsom orders all over age 65 to Isolate at home. Starbucks will go entirely ‘to go’…

Governor Baker to shut down schools, ban dining out to fight coronavirus

BOSTON (AP) — Schools in Massachusetts will close for at least three weeks, and all gatherings of more than 25 people will be banned in the latest attempt to arrest the spread of the coronavirus, Gov. Charlie Baker announced Sunday.

The governor also ordered all dine-in restaurants to close for a month. Take-away and delivery services won’t be affected by the rules, nor will grocery stores or pharmacies.

“I realize these measures are unprecedented,” Baker, a Republican, said at a news conference announcing the directives. “But we’re asking our residents to take a deep breath and understand the rationale behind this guidance.”

Starbucks will go entirely ‘to go’ — no sitting for at least two weeks in its U.S. and Canada stores

Starbucks will shift entirely to a “to-go” model at its company-owned stores in the U.S. and Canada for at least three weeks, asking its customers to refrain from using seats or lingering longer than it takes to order and leave with a cup of coffee.

The Seattle-based coffee giant, which built a business around the idea of a “third place” separate from home and work, also said it will temporarily close stores in areas such as shopping malls and college campuses, and in communities hard hit by COVID-19 cases.

In addition, the company says it is modifying the condiment bar in its stores and allowing employees to use gloves when handling cash, among other steps to address the outbreak of the novel coronavirus. The steps are in line with “social distancing” recommendations from public health officials, designed to minimize the spread of the virus and the resulting disease.

Alberta has shut down ALL schools and daycare!

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Illinois and Ohio are closing all bars, restaurants in response to coronavirus

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Newsom orders all bars to close and orders all over age 65 to Isolate at home!

Newsom said he called for these measures because the public must anticipate the rapid spread of COVID-19, and people need to think about those who are older, chronically ill and homeless. He said California had about 5.3 million people who are 65 or older.

“The most important thing is to focus on the vulnerable and prioritize their safety,” Newsom said. “We are guided by science, not the framework of hysteria.”

PUERTO RICO IN FULL LOCKDOWN Mandatory curfew 9pm-5am Everything Closed for 2 weeks.

CORONAVIRUS UPDATE: The question of hospital capacity.

Boston’s mayor declares public health emergency in city due to coronavirus.

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Governor orders all Ohio bars, restaurants to close.

Coronavirus closures: Starbucks implements ‘to go’ model, Lululemon closes North American stores.

Coronavirus: Big Exposure Problems At US Airports.

A top U.S. health official says Americans should be prepared to “hunker down.”

Italy’s deaths jump, Germany closes borders and restrictions multiply around the world.

Coronavirus: health experts fear epidemic will ‘let rip’ through UK.

South Korea Rations Face Masks in Coronavirus Fight: Focus on masks shows how some Asian nations’ efforts differ from those of U.S. and Europe, but citizens struggle to get fresh ones. Countries that focus on masks — and have them — seem to have done better.

South Korea Designates Regions Hit Hardest by Coronavirus as Disaster Zones.

Spain coronavirus deaths double overnight as daily life in Europe grinds to halt.

Cleveland Clinic clarifies that drive-thru coronavirus test results should take 1-2 days, not longer.

Walmart’s drive-thru coronavirus testing sites will be hosted on the ‘far edge’ of store parking lots, internal memo says.

Coronavirus testing in Massachusetts now at 799; drive-thru centers could come ‘soon’.

Coronavirus live updates: Drive-thru testing on the way in Houston.

Coronavirus updates in Texas: Austin gets a drive-through testing center, H-E-B closing early.