MASSIVE BANK RUN In Canada! – Home Capital Group CRASHES & May Receive Bailout!

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Josh Sigurdson talks with author and economic analyst John Sneisen about the continued developing story regarding Home Capital Group as it crashes and burns following massive losses.
This has become one of the biggest bank runs in Canadian history and the biggest bank run in decades.
Canadian Finance Minister Bill Morneau is not ruling out a bailout of HCG as the contagion affects other alternative lenders. But the FM says that there are private options on the table. Knowing the Liberal government in Canada, it’s unlikely that the private option will be put in effect.
This is due to insane derivative markets and government manipulated markets that pile debt on top of debt and always inevitably crash and burn.
John breaks down the latest and exactly what this will lead to.
Stay tuned for more on this incredibly important topic!

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5 thoughts on “MASSIVE BANK RUN In Canada! – Home Capital Group CRASHES & May Receive Bailout!

  1. If the shadow lenders go up in smoke and don’t get bailed out two of the fall-outs will be Brampton and Mississauga, both will become ghost towns as the percentage of mortgages being subprime in both cities is near 100 percent. It will affect the GDP of Canada and the immigrants coming here of their own accord may greatly diminish.

  2. bail out? nah it seems as if this is thier opportunity to enact the bail-ins which were written into the 2013 economic action plan. Say bye bye to your pensions.

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