Massive Cellular Outage Across Canada! No Voice Calls

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Well , This is Very Interesting…. My Family and I are On a Service Called Freedom Mobile , It’s a Cheap Service , Not the Best Coverage but for $120.00 Canadian we have 4 Lines And 8g Data..So willing to live with Spotty Service In Remote Places.

It has been down Pretty much ALL DAY.ahhh
But When I did some Digging it Seems that The BIG BOYS are Experiencing Problems As well,, Bell, Rogers, Telus, Fido, Koodo……

Now For one network to be having trouble is One thing But to have them all, at the same time That’s Fishy..spock

No Media Release, No twitter up date, NO NOTHING!. Just “We are Working on it”!…….starwars

Well waiting to hear a reason from them soon!

Good Day All

I am in the Tech Biz ,more Fiber Systems and I can say for an outage this Huge ,,it is either a BackBone Slice,, or Something hit the servers HARD…

Lots of redundant systems ready..


h/t RosehipCaper


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