MASSIVE COLLAPSE IMMINENT In Norway As Bubbles Build Pressure Across The Board!

Josh Sigurdson talks with author and economic analyst John Sneisen who was also born and raised in Norway regarding the bubbles we see expanding in the stock market, housing markets and currency in Norway at an unsustainable rate.
Looking back at the Norwegian Kroner versus the US Dollar, it becomes clear that Norway’s reaching a massive cliff. Going back to the 1980s, through the early 2000s and the dotcom bubble, through the 2007-2008 crisis and through the past couple of years, the pattern is obvious. Norway is only being sustained by massive printing of currency which has caused a massive amount of inflation, especially in 2016 as the central bank attempted to manipulate and prop up the Kroner. Now Norway’s in a deflationary depression and a central bank can only print currency so much until it comes falling flat on its face.
Then looking at the stock market and the housing market in Oslo especially, the markets are incredibly overvalued and with what we’ve seen in recent days with the Norwegian Sovereign Wealth Fund, the oil industry, the stepping down of Norway’s pension fund CEO, price earning ratios (which Norway comes in second in the entire world), the central bank ballance sheet, the level of regulatory burdens and the vast level of taxation, there’s no doubt.
Norway is going to see an astronomical crash of epic proportions and people in Norway generally just don’t want to hear about it.
In this video, John warns the people of Norway, gives countless examples, shows countless charts and gives solutions in both English and Norwegian.
Self sustainability, financial responsibility and independence will save people from the manipulative central banking system, government and big banks as they shove people down a bottomless pit of debt, forcing people to ask for a ladder up from the government or banking system which puts them in perfect servitude.
People can either be prepared or be apathetic and face the consequences.