Massive fail – lost $3200 – biggest financial mistake I’ve ever made

by ChillOhmie


I got a new job in June and signed up for the all the benefits. They offer a dependent care FSA. I decided to put in an amount equal to my monthly childcare expenses of $450 a month.


Turns out that $5000 is the yearly max, so that is the amount I put in the yearly expenditure box. I guess some of my expenses won’t be tax deductible. No big deal, right?

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Fast forward to January. I have done some reimbursements, but my balance is now at $3200.

I see the wording:

“Submit your claims by June 30, 2019 for eligible expenses that you’ve had through December 31, 2018, or you’ll lose your remaining 2018 money.”

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I suddenly realized that HR had accelerated my pay schedule to about $400 per paycheck rather than $400 per month. So now I have $3200 in an account that I can’t use and it will expire in 3 months. FML.



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