Three companies, including my bank, don’t know where my money went. They’re all redirecting me to each other.

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by ChasingMyMoney

Background: Several weeks ago I accidentally purchased a $100 Starbucks E-gift card through the website on my computer browser. I wanted to send my sibling a belated gift of direct money. Within 2-5 minutes of sending the money and realizing my mistake, I called Chase and Starbucks to cancel the transaction. Chase said they could not cancel it because the transaction was already completed and $100 had been debited from my checking account. A representative from Starbucks redirected me to Cashstar (the third-party company in charge of E-gifts). The Cashstar representative cancelled the transaction.

I was supposed to refunded my $100 a month ago, but I have not seen my money yet. This is the summary of what has happened.


  • Their transaction history confirms that the money was debited from my account and sent out.
  • They have not received any confirmation of any refunds or money returned, so as far as they are concerned, the money was released and cannot refund the money.
  • I spoke to a branch associate who sat down with me for about 2 hours on the phone with Cashstar and Starbucks who both confirm that they never received the money because they cancelled the transaction/e-gift card — “Chase must be responsible.”
  • Chase Internal investigation and Claims division “investigated” the matter and deemed they cannot refund me the money. The money was sent out and that’s the only record they have. But they never contacted anyone OUTSIDE of Chase – and they refuse to.
  • Chase directs me to Starbucks/Cashstar because they “MUST HAVE RECEIVED” the money.
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  • The transaction happened online through Chase’s platform so contact them.
  • The transaction was for an e-gift card so contact Cashstar, because they handle online/e-gift card transactions.
  • Starbucks records show that the card was cancelled and never processed.
  • Starbucks has no record of money coming in.


  • Transaction and Card Number only yield an empty and unactivated card.
  • Cashstar cannot see if money came in, only that it was cancelled.
  • Cashstar claims that they do not see or handle any of the money directly — I should contact either Chase or Starbucks.
  • Cashstar redirects me to Chase regarding the refund because the money originally came out of my Chase bank account.
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Me and My Sibling:

  • My sibling and I received the regular e-gift card email with the code to open it, but it never opened and yields only a 404 page. The card doesn’t exist.
  • I am still missing $100 from my account.
  • My sibling never received the $100.

I am at a loss as to where my $100 is. I keep getting redirected around and around and I have spent over 10 hours on the phone and at the Chase branch talking to people trying to get my $100 back.

My bank claims the money was sent out, the other companies say the money was never received.

Here is a visual summary of my experience.

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