Massive Hack of German politicians

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Private emails, credit cards, photos of most politicians in Germany have been hacked and published

Hope that the Merkhell crime syndicate goes down the toilet now

it was the russians as usual LOL

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Following the massive Hacker attack on politicians and private persons, the German government calls a Cyber Alarm. The Federal office for information security (BSI), the Federal Constitution protection, the Federal criminal police office and the Federal intelligence determine service!

Background: the Bundestag, parties, Bands, presenters, and journalists have become to the IMAGE information, the victim of a massive Hacker attack and the largest data leaks of German history.

About a thousand records with names, phone numbers and E-Mail addresses were published on the Internet, among the Affected, among others, Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier and Chancellor Angela Merkel. To count the data, but processes, even phone numbers and Chat. Who has stolen the data, is unclear.

▶︎ In the Federal press conference on Friday, the Deputy spokesperson of the Federal government, Martina Fietz said, on the question of how much Merkel was concerned that no sensitive information be included in the data. Fietz warned, it is also fake data could be in the Material introduced. The Chancellor’s office on Thursday evening, to the knowledge of the case. The Federal government is taking the incident “very, very seriously,” said the spokeswoman.


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