MASSIVE JFK Developments!

Most Important Find – A comprehensive review of the investigation by 3rd parties:

They concluded that both the CIA and FBI are covering something up, their findings are included.

A sample:
“The FBI had a pre-assassination case on Lee Harvey Oswald. They opened it when he defected to the Soviet Union and they interviewed him twice when he came back to the country and he lied both times… The agents knew he lied, they had the report in their hands, and asked him to take a polygraph test as to his responses, as to his ties with the Soviet Union… Oswald refused… six months later Oswald was interviewed again by the FBI, but he repeatedly lied… in fact Oswald lied to the FBI agent that he had married his wife in Texas and not the Soviet Union… Oswald then goes to Mexico city and consults with the Cuban consulate… there he happens to be in contact with a known member of the KGB, who happens to be a known member of ‘department 13’ – the Soviet’s assassination and sabotage squad… Oswald is then permitted back into the states…”
“President Kennedy desired a shake-up of the CIA…”

Other notable finds:

Was the mafia involved in the Kennedy assassination, was Frank Sinatra involved in the Kennedy assassination, long testimony:

Informant suggests that it was not Oswald who assassinated Kennedy, but a police officer:

Soviets heard on radio mentioning that Kennedy had been assassinated, allegedly before his assassination was broadcast to the public:

Cuba’s training of ‘negroes’ to subvert the USA:

Plans to undermine/overthrow/subvert Cuba (aka MONGOOSE):

Framing Cuba, introducing damaging additives into petroleum shipments, destroy crops, push massive propaganda, produce propaganda in children’s books:

Creating counterfeit Cuban bills and dropping propaganda:

“… intentionally producing crop failures by the introduction of biological agents…”:

Manufacturing soviet planes to confuse our enemies:

Dealing with Cuban refugees:

New procedures to protect the PODUS after assassination:

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