Matt Gatez threatens to abolish the DOJ, FBI, CDC, DHS & ATF if they continue to work on behalf of the Democrat Party.

Here is my hypothetical solution The DOJ, FBI and the attorney general are not established by the Constitution. They are created by statute and Congress could abolish them tomorrow. Replace it all with a committee consisting of elected sheriffs from each state as the new DOJ.

People could continue to elect their county sheriff then each county sheriff of a state could meet once a year and vote which countys’ sheriff will be that states representative to go to dc and those 50 sheriffs then decide what federal criminals to investigate and file charges.

If you ask me they should have all been abolished already regardless to which side of the uniparty they are supporting right now because they have always been weapons of big government used against We The People

Ted Cruz Grills AG Merrick Garland for Using the DOJ as the ‘Enforcement Arm of the DNC’ [VIDEO]

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h/t The Future Hegemon


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