MATT MARGOLIS: The Democrats Have Lost Their Senate Majority … for Now.

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On Thursday, Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) was hospitalized with shingles.

“I was diagnosed over the February recess with a case of shingles. I have been hospitalized and am receiving treatment in San Francisco and expect to make a full recovery,” Feinstein, 89, said in a statement. “I hope to return to the Senate later this month.”

With Sen. John Fetterman also hospitalized for the foreseeable future, Democrats have temporarily lost their majority in the Senate, which is now evenly split 49-49. This means that Kamala Harris may have to assume her role as the tie-breaker vote. This could be a major problem for Biden as he attempts to push through as many judicial nominees as he can, especially since Feinstein sits on the Senate Judiciary Committee.

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