Matthew McConaughey Calls for Gun Reform at the White House

by Chris Black

Matthew McConaughey was one of my favourite actors, but there is no going back from this:

Even taking these arguments at face value, the problem is people don’t want to give up their guns in a society full of armed psychos.

People don’t trust the government to control the psychos, because if the government could, it would be doing that now.  People also don’t trust the government to keep illegal guns out of the hands of criminals, because the government can’t do that now.

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So all it would mean for law-abiding sane people is disarming in a world full of armed psychos.

So here’s a proposal for the government and Hollywood cream puffs like Matthew McConaughey:  you go first, prove to us you can be successful at controlling psychos and keeping guns out of the hands of criminals, and we can at least discuss “common sense” gun control proposals.  (Of course, if the government successfully did either then further gun control measures would be unnecessary).

But as long as this government does nothing to control armed psychos now, why should we trust them to defend us after we all disarm?

I’m glad he didn’t run for Texas governor, because he probably would have beaten that feeble cripple, and we’d have even bigger problems.


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