MAY WE HAVE A DUH! Elites in U.S. Are Bankrupt and Corrupt.

The pandemic of this last year put the final nail in the coffin. Elites in the United States have proven themselves morally bankrupt and politically corrupt. They hate us and we need to stop listening to them, like, yesterday. Not just the political leaders, but those with top tier educations and letters after their names in every profession.

University of Tennessee law professor Glenn Reynolds dropped an article last night on a move by Yale University to rig board elections. In the world of elites, Yale, along with Harvard, is the tippy top of the mountain. Professor Reynolds graduated from Yale Law School. As did former Knoxville Mayor and former Ambassador to Poland Victor Ashe.

This gist of Reynolds’ article regarding Yale is that the board recommends who is going to being on the board and graduates can vote from that list. Ashe petitioned to be a candidate, got enough signatures, but lost in the voting. Yale’s board then voted to end the practice of allowing petitions. As Glenn says in his article:

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As the pandemic especially underscored, the people who run our institutions look with disdain at those they are supposed to serve. They think that they’re so much smarter and better than everyone else, which entitles them to have their way, without interference from the unwashed masses. (Yale, apparently, regards even its own graduates as unwashed.)

To quote the Cowardly Lion from the MGM version of “The Wizard of Oz”, “Ain’t it the truth?” In just about every area of endeavor in our beautiful country there are elites who disdain the great unwashed masses.

Let’s start with Nancy Pelosi. On March 11, 2020, we were told that the United States needed two weeks to “flatten the curve”. We couldn’t have hospitals get overwhelmed. Everything shut down. School districts, theme parks, businesses, sports. Everything. On April 9, 2020, the New York Times noted that food pantries were being overwhelmed by people in need because they had no income. On April 14, five days later, Nancy Pelosi displayed her basket of chocolate and Sub-Zero freezer full of high end ice cream, recently restocked, on the James Corden show:


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