Mayor Arrested – Law Enforcement finds $750 million Worth of Gold Bars in Basement and $37 Billion in Bribe Money in Bank Accounts

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It pays to be a corrupt politician.

A powerful Communist official in China is suspected to have received 13.5 tonnes of gold and £30 billion cash in bribes.
Thousands of golden bars and bricks were discovered at the leader’s home during a raid by corruption inspectors earlier this month.
Their value could be worth up to £520 million, according to international trading prices.

Zhang Qi, 58, who was a top official in the province of Hainan has been sacked.
In addition to the gold, inspectors discovered 268 billion yuan (£30 billion) in suspected bribes on the man’s account, according to reports.
He was also thought to have received multiple luxurious villas as perks.
If Mr Zhang’s alleged corruption turns out to be true, he would have been richer than Jack Ma, the wealthiest man in China worth $37 billion (£30 billion) according to Forbes.



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