Mayor Lori Lightfoot Warns Stay-At-Home Violators: ‘We Will Take You To Jail, Period!’

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by DCG

From the mayor who violated her own social distancing rules in order to get HER hair cut. After all, SHE’S in the public eye so she be special.

She states that if you violate the “law,” you will be taken to jail. PERIOD.

I’m curious as to which LAW the good mayor will cite if you violate a stay at home ORDER.

Meanwhile in Chiraq: “4 dead, 30 hurt in Chicago weekend shootings so far

And this: “Illinois releases 146 sex offenders, including 3 sexually dangerous persons

Seems the REAL criminals in Chiraq and Illinois are the ones getting a free pass.

Welcome to the new America under the Wuhan virus tyranny.



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