Mayor Peter Paul Montgomery Buttigieg is the Emissary of the Deep State

by SenorNoobnerd

If you’d rather listen, just watch this:

Pete Buttigieg became well-known in 2017 to run for the DNC chair to replace Wasserman Schultz.

His CV raised eyebrows when you consider:

He’s a Rhodes Scholar Harvard Graduate

His father translated Gramsci and…

His 1st gig came with McKinsey that works as a global fixer for every disgusting company to excuse layoffs and fixes bread prices! While he was in McKinsey, he spent a time in Iraq when McKinsey was being subcontracted to help build the post-war government there, and while he did that, he took a vacation to Somaliland, a breakaway region of Somalia. At the exact same time that the US government was making inroads to attempt to establish military bases with the connivance of the local leadership. Pete Buttigieg and his “friend” from Harvard who’s called Nathaniel Myers, a guy who works for USAID, which has been for 40 years a known CIA front. His current job according to Linkedin is Senior Transition Advisor referring to the government that we overthrow. This is real! They send guys like him in to staff the newly created government. So, they send him and Pete to Somaliland and they published an NY Times Op-Ed about the need for Somaliland to become an independent nation. Literally doing PR in behalf of the government, so they could make some deal to the government. At the same time all of this is going on, US operations are going way up in the Horn of Africa that a base in Djibouti has become one of the most important nodes for counterinsurgency in the Middle East completely. The US was in the process of making relations with these local leaders, and Pete and his friend from USAID wrote an Op-Ed in the NY Times to talk about Somaliland being the new front for democracy, and we’re going to support it.

Then, Pete joins Naval Intelligence, and goes to Afghanistan. The Navy famously necessary to get in land-locked Afghanistan where he has admitted in his own books that he spent time in CIA safehouses. A guy who has a glowing portrait of this guy talk about how in his study he has maps of the mineral resources of Afghanistan in his house.

This is a guy whose entire career before he becomes mayor is PURE intelligence. There’s not a single thing he did whether it was with McKinsey or with the military that does not indicate that he was doing at the very least like high-end grifting McKinley shit or at the worst like Project Phoenix like targeted assassinations.

Finally, he becomes the mayor of South Bend where he becomes the most media-savvy, most media-connected guy in this pissant town of a hundred thousand people where his job is to basically just to ethnically cleanse the black people out of the neighborhood, so they could be gentrified.

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As an aside to this, there was an NY Times article about using counterinsurgency techniques on arrest of Urban population.

Buttigieg sold a park to private developers, and giving tax breaks to luxury condos less than a mile west of SOuth Bend’s booming downtown. It’s African American Latino residents continue to complain a police harassment rampant evictions, a team of code enforcement inspectors who find them every time they forget to mow their own lawns, and this is a guy who came into office with a specific policy of “Hey! If your house sucks, we’re gonna fuck you, and turn it into one of those fake bistros called like a fork and Ukraine kinda similar to a place in an airport”.

Now, he has a chance to run as president against governors, senators every half of them running Obama’s playbook, and he was the last man standing, and he is the one that the media is willing to go to bat for and lie on behalf of after he stole Iowa giving him 72 hours of pure “He won Iowa” propaganda coverage, and you’re like why the fuck would you do this to this pissant, and if you, guys, wanna really destroy your brains, look up Operation Mockingbird which is a CIA operation that was uncovered by the Church Committee in the 70s whereby the CIA was supporting through blackmail and bribery the acquiescence of foreign and domestic journalists to parrot what they wanted to be said and they said after they got caught that they won’t do it anymore, but I doubt anyone would believe their bullshit.

Do you want to know who Buttigieg’s biggest campaign contributor is? If you’re aware of a guy named Jeffrey Epstein where we all know the billionaire scumbags who were on his jet were friends with him. One of the big ones was a guy named Glenn Dubin. He is married to a former Miss Sweden, who is also Epstein former girlfriend from the 90s, and they’re not only friends with Epstein. Afre his fake imprisonment in Florida, he wanted to get his sex offender registry expunged, and Dubin’s wife wrote to a letter to the DEA saying “Jeffrey Epstein is an upstanding man. I would let him alone with my teenage children. I love him. He’s fine.” They said that to get him and by the way, apparently, according to a number of sources, there was an effort shortly before he ended up getting in trouble and going to jail where has going to marry their daughter, so that he could start reproducing and creating those monstrous Epstein clones that he was thinking about. That guy, Glenn Dubin, maxed out donor to Mayor Pete.

Do you also remember the Shadow App? The main funder of that app is Linkedin and Netflix honcho Reid Hoffman. Reid Hoffman was also essentially the guy who laundered Jeffrey Epstein’s donations to the MIT Media Center, basically his bagman, and he has his fingerprints on the Iowa caucuses.

Mayor Peter Paul Montgomery Buttigieg is at the nexus of every Black Ops CIA in the last 30 years! This requires no leap of faith in your part. All of these things are part of matters of public record.

Doesn’t it make sense that a random mayor from some random town become some scheme from the CIA? Fuckin’ weird!

If you were a senator or a governor, you have the power in your own right. Yes, you wouldn’t be a cat’s paw. That’s exactly right. That’s the thing with Epstein too. They picked him because he was just an asshole from Coney Island. Pete is just some asshole from South Bend. They can run his shit.

This is just one heuristic through which to look at the reality or facts that surrounds us, but there’s another way. At the end of the day, we don’t need the conspiracy because they’re already bad enough on their own, and that’s the thing we need to absolutely remember because it’s important that we don’t look crazy, so we just need to internalize them, move forward and realize this is the dark heart of America that prevents things from being good.


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