Meanwhile in California: LA Wants to Build Guest Houses in Backyards for Homeless People

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by Chris Black

Now, you too can have a crack house in your own back yard!


We all know about California’s 3rd world problems, after the state’s middle class virtually disappeared, or at least is working hard on it. Basically, California’s population is now composed of peasants and nobles, i.e. a situation similar with Latin America (immigration is destiny), as there are just two classes of people living there: the very rich and the dirt poor. Hence, the homeless problems, the drug addiction issues, the street-defecation problems which transformed cities like San Francisco into third world shitholes and so forth and so on. And now, the progressives in Los Angels have come up with a genius idea on how to mitigate the homelessness problem. Obviously, since the leftists are atheists or agnostics, they didn’t learn the Jesus parable about “give a man a fish and you’ll feed him for a day; teach a man how to fish, and you’ll feed him for a lifetime”. That would be bad, mkay? So, the leftists in LA have decided to build guest houses for the homeless in taxpayers’ backyards, instead of trying to improve the dismal situation in their city, a situation brought by too much taxation and regulation, too much state in people’s lives for short.


The idea is to pay property owners to build guest houses for the homeless in their backyards, after Orange County’s plans to move homeless people to shelters failed miserably. Last August, Orange County’s Board of Supervisors started a half a million dollars pilot program, aimed at constructing a number of small backyard guest-houses (or to upgrade various other buildings, like illegally converted garages) for homeowners who would agree to shelter a homeless family or person. The tenants would have to pay 30% of their incomes (if any) for rent, and the rest would be covered by some voucher-program of sorts. This is Orange County’s plan to take care of its 58,000 homeless population. Los Angeles taxpayers already voted for a $1.2 billion tax for building homeless housing units, which will cost (check this out) $350,000 (only in California baby) each and they’d be mostly offered to disabled folks.


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Enter the backyard housing units option, an idea that would save some taxpayers’ dough, at least in theory, and make life nicer and more affordable for homeless people, or at least that’s what Orange County’s authorities seem to believe. Since we’re talking about socialist-utopia aka California, building backyard housing units for the homeless would make for a significant challenge, i.e. there’s always the regulatory/tax/liability issue, not to mention the fact that nobody tried it yet. Under this program, homeowners would be able to take a $75,000 loan to build a housing unit for homeless in their backyard and obviously, they’d have to pay it back at some point in time.


Now, if you ask me, building these backyard homes should be REQUIRED for any and ALL advocates of the homeless AND all the mayors and city council members in ALL cities that support homeless activities AND it should be at THEIR expense and NOT the taxpayers.


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Expect 50,000 more people who can’t afford to live “here” to migrate to Orange County, where the bleeding heart liberals will give you a house for free. This wholesale pillaging of zoning and infrastructure in existing neighborhoods in Cali is almost Venezuelan, and if you don’t want your neighborhood converted to a congested slum or squatters camp you are a shameful NIMBY. “How do you keep these people from being pushed back out on the street?” The first thing is to see if there is somewhere that they can afford to live, which might not be LA/OC, so what? and help them to move there. If you can’t afford to live in Malibu near the beach you’d be homeless so go and pitch a tent there to await your backyard unit. That’s the leftist view of the world.


The State of California and many of its municipalities operate a number of attractive nuisances in the form of programs that draw in still more homeless people, illegal aliens, and gang members. California’s politicians and their goals are completely at odds with those of the middle-class residents of that state. Between the Donald Trump Show and the daily L.A. comedy special, I just can’t get anything done anymore really because I’m just too entertained and laughing too hard all the time now.



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