Meanwhile in Sweden: Senior Citizen Faces 2 Years Jail Time For Factually Accurate Statement About Somali Immigrants’ Low IQ

by Chris Black

Motto: In a world of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act. War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength-George Orwell

A sixty year old Swedish man was accused of hate-speech, an Orwellian term that feels like home in Sweden (and other progressive EU countries by the way) nowadays, after he made a factually accurate statement about Somali immigrants having low IQ. Even if his statement was technically correct and undebatable, it is evident you can’t tell the truth in Sweden anymore, and now this thought-criminal is facing up to 2 years in jail after a female prosecutor named Paulina Brandberg claimed that Somalis are a protected group of people, due to their national origin, and most probably because white privilege/colonialism and all that progressive crap, hence discussing Somalis’ low IQ is now hate speech.

The sixty year old man from Kungsängen is accused of posting on a Facebook page called “Stand up for Sweden” (this sounds like hate speech to me by the way), let me quote: “Only every fifth Somalis have IQ over 70”. The defendant was charged with hate crimes by the Attunda District Court, and until now he neither acknowledged nor denied the thought-crime.

Now, the problem is as it follows: the average IQ of Somalis is 68, which means it stands below the classification for intellectually disabled (70). Furthermore, that means Somalis get a diminished capacity by default if they ever found themselves in a court law. This also means the Swedish geezer was just telling the truth, yet the truth is no longer allowed in Sweden. You should know there’s a strong correlation between IQ rates and economic prosperity, i.e. the countries with the highest median IQ are also the most prosperous. A few examples of countries with the highest IQ rates: Singapore, Hong Kong, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Iceland etc. It is now obvious that stating facts which may sound (for social justice warrior activists at least) like negative comments towards minorities or different ethnic groups will now become hate facts, and you’ll be facing hefty fines or jail time for speaking  the truth. In Sweden and other European countries like the UK, people are often prosecuted for hate speech via social media posts, as they correctly correlate the surge in immigration from the third world with exploding crime rates.

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You should also know that an IQ of 85 makes for the sweet spot when it comes to criminal behavior. An IQ of 100 is considered average in the West, while an IQ of 75 or below is diagnosed as mental retardation. An IQ of 70 is the scholastic equivalent to the third grade. And that’s the medium IQ of Somalis as per multiple sources.  Another Swedish man is now facing trial after he correctly asserted that Sweden’s rape epidemic is mostly due to Muslim gangs (third world shitholes immigration that is). The same goes for Tommy Robinson who was suspended by Twitter and persecuted by his own government (they basically bankrupt him and painted a big target on his back) after pointing out that UK’s crime problems (rapes,  terrorism, genital mutilation, violence, drug trafficking) are mostly due to predominantly-Muslim-third-world-immigration. A few months ago, Tommy Robinson wrote on Twitter: “90% of grooming gang convictions are Muslims”. He was stating a fact. And he got banned.

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European courts have already ruled that the truthfulness of a statement is no defense. Do not dare to speak any forbidden truth, you must simply roll over in a supine position and accept what your masters have planned for you. Your people have been marked for destruction, you may not question this, nor speak of it. I don’t think Somalis get that kind of time for raping Swedish women. This old geezer is nothing less than a political prisoner; in the west, this ought to foment a massive insurrection. Every man in Sweden should join him, they can’t arrest them all, and maybe then they would have at least a slim chance of saving themselves. As it is, I fear they will never see Valhalla.

To all my progressive readers if I have one, I’d suggest you to watch this video, maybe you’ll learn something:


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