Meanwhile in Sweden: Woman Faces 2 Years in Jail for Sharing a Meme about Islam

by Chris Black

A Swedish woman is facing two years of jail time for crime-think, which is not necessarily a bad thing, and I am talking about Sweden’s luxurious prisons ,which look more like high end tourist resorts, but also about Sharia law precepts, which forbid any criticism of Islam, especially from a woman. As usual, like almost every news that comes nowadays from that progressive paradise, the bastion of multiculturalism and cultural marxism that is feminist Sweden, today we learned that a former Christian country is now implementing what can be best described as Sharia soft. If you don’t know what I am talking about, Sharia is Islamic law, Islamic orthodoxy if you like, and it’s the law of the land in various shithole-countries, to use President Trump’s parlance, the likes of Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Iran and other places where women are treated like second-category citizens, i.e. women are not allowed to vote, to drive a car, to testify in court against a man or to vote; you know the drill. If you don’t, well, go research Sharia law for yourself, and learn why the West  is the best and how not all cultures are equal, i.e. some are better than others.
Getting back to Sweden, a post-modernist post-male post-Christian country, currently run by feminazis, the hero of our story, a woman that is, had the audacity to criticize Islam on the interwebz, which is haram (verboten) under Sharia law. More precisely, the woman shared a meme criticizing Islam on social media, and obviously she was reported by Sharia/Thought-Crime police. Swedish authorities chose to prosecute her for her lack of support for the country’s cultural suicide via mass immigration and pathologic altruism, hence her DNA was “harvested”, then she was interrogated by police and finally imprisoned for the heinous crime of sharing a meme on the internet. A meme that criticizes Islam, which again, it’s a haram practice under Sharia law.
The meme in question is about a Muslim man with his brain removed and then wrapped in Islamic head attire, which symbolizes the way some Muslims are brainwashed by their radical Imams via their backward ideology. Obviously, this meme may be considered offensive by some orthodox Muslims, but what happened next in Sweden (a secular country officially) is very telling for the way in which sheeple police themselves in a sick and deracinated society. The Swedish authorities were alerted about the 32 year old woman from Gothenburg’s crime-think by a reporter, who claimed she expressed herself on Facebook in a ‘threatening manner’ towards Muslims, which in Sweden are a protected group, as they’re still a minority (not for long) and most of them are non-white, which checks all the boxes in a politically correct leftist’s agenda. Then the reporter told the police about the woman’s identity and address, hence she was ask to pay a little visit at Sweden’s modern-day Gestapo headquarters, where she was put in a criminal database after her DNA was harvested. Even if the woman apologized for her crime-think, saying that the meme applies to radical Muslims, such as ISIS terrorists, and that she was also sick at the time she posted that criminal meme on the internet, the Swedish apparatchiks were not satisfied with her lame excuses. Furthermore, they proceeded with interrogating the criminal about her views over Sweden’s multicultural and oh so tolerant society, and asked her if she has anything against Muslims. The meme criminal insisted she only had a bone to pick with the Islamic State, not with all Muslims nor any individual Muslim, yet the city’s prosecutor, who by the way is also a woman (Sara Toreskog) decided to throw the book at our hero, who now faces 2 years in jail.
Let me end today surrealist article with a quote from one of my favorite conservatives:
When, after the fall of the Roman Empire, the West embraced Christianity as a faith superior to all others, as its founder was the Son of God, the West went on to create modern civilization, and then went out and conquered most of the known world.
The truths America has taught the world, of an inherent human dignity and worth, and inviolable human rights, are traceable to a Christianity that teaches that every person is a child of God. Today, however, with Christianity virtually dead in Europe and slowly dying in America, Western culture grows debased and decadent, and Western civilization is in visible decline.
-Pat Buchanan

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16 thoughts on “Meanwhile in Sweden: Woman Faces 2 Years in Jail for Sharing a Meme about Islam”

  1. Thank you, Barbara Spectre, for making Aliyah from the USA to Israel, and then having the genetic chutzpah to move to Sweden to help make this nation (not your of course) multicultural. What a unique human being you are, you will NEVER AGAIN be forgotten.

    • Specte’s genetic Jewishness has nothing to do with her assholian immigration BS, which has been more than surpassed by millions of NON JEWISH LEFTIST EURO SCUM who vote for that BS, and they are GENETIC descendants of the nazis, who like you, expelled and tried to exterminate their Jews, and now stupidly import islam.
      Whether you are or are not the real “MacDonald”, you are a stupid SOB Nazi, you are no better than the jihadis, WHO YOU ARE ALIGNED WITH in your hate of the Judeo-Christian Capitalist West, and you like them, can kiss my NRA-aligned Jewish ass.

        • Oh, so this week you Nazis are now Christians? Last week “Christianity is too soft, because it came from a Jew”, and then you aligned with the jihadis. But as long as you can find some Christians to castigate Jews, then this week you are a Christian.
          Doesn’t matter which week it is. You are a nazi ahole, and you will get exactly what you got last time.

          • Nazi, Nazi, Nazi; ok we get it, Justin Nother, you don’t like the fact that you were born a Jew. Don’t forget that the white Europeans that the Jews such as Barbara Spectre, Noel Ignativ, and Tim Wise, et al., attack were and are the Allies that came to their ancestors rescue. The worse part is not that these little darling that attack like piranha, the worse part is that instead of the tribe (aka. The ADL) denouncing these mental rejects, the tribe says nothing and even defends them! The silence from the majority of Jews that don’t speak out against these types and the knee jerk “your’re a Nazi” ad hominem, really says it all. It says everything written about Jews over the past 2000 years, including in the Bible, is true. There is a peaceful final solution, simply accept Jesus Christ, as your lord and savior. Godspeed.

  2. Swedish behaviour gets more and more crazy. Can they not see the future of their country. In 20 years or more the indigenous Swedish population of Swedes, Sami and Finns will be in a minority with islam the dominant religion and culture.

  3. This is what happens when you have lily white men with vaginas between there legs (mangina), and feminazis ruling a county…
    Welcome to swedslam – a no go zone on every corner, a rape in every back alley, gropping at every event/pool.

  4. A government entirely run by a gaggle of far left females can only become the Kafkaesque monstrosity that we see developing there. Let this be a warning to us here in America. It could and will happen here unless we resist with all our might.

    • nanny laws and cowardly people will die in their thousands before this plague of islam, until they have finally had enough then the real FIGHT STARTS.
      just PUNCH them in the MOUTH HARD they only SLAP FIGHT!

    • Its already in America, just because Trump is President doesn’t mean everything is just peaches, in fact, the left in America is becoming more and more vicious than they were when Obama was President. Look at it so far, its become Mueller vs Trump with Sessions largely all but abandoning Trump, he has been the only one who has defied the President and has kept his job.
      The left in America up until November 8 2016 believed everything was in their pocket until Trump surprising win, despite this every single day so far has been a battle. It has been far from smooth sailing. We don’t have people going to prison in America for “Hate Speech” but we do have people who lose their jobs for defying the left and we do have young people who wind up in trouble in school and colleges were having a point of view that is not in line with their leftist teachers and professors.


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