Media: 11yr old Hassan walked 750 miles alone to flee Ukraine with just his passport and a phone number scrawled on his hand

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It’s been less than two weeks since this started. That’d be 70 miles a day. Obviously He would have been able to walk 10,000 miles if he’d had his booster…

Humans can walk around 30miles in a day max, and thats someone who is in decent condition.

A little kid walking 70 miles in a day, for a week, now way.

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Kid probably could walk 20 miles a day, for a week, but not 70 miles.

Most people have no idea how hard it is to go over that threashpoint, where your body is like dead person walking.

Humans can walk around 3-4 miles an hour.

So do the maths, there is no way a kid could walk 70 miles in a day.

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Shows you what lies they tell in media.

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Walking 20miles a day would destroy most people.

Think about it.

To walk 20 miles in a day, at around 3.5 miles an hour, it would take you 6 hours.

Virtually no one can walk faster then 4 miles an hour, you have to be a fast walker to reach 4 miles an hour.

For the people that doubt it, walk 20 miles in a day, and see how you feel, and you will find most people could not take that.




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