Media Blackout: Ilhan Omar Brags at Global Communist Meeting – Biden is Giving Us Everything We Want

“It has been incredible in so many ways for us progressives to have built a massive movement…And for us to do almost little to zero work in pushing on those main policies in regards to the economy, healthcare, and infrastructure”

Minnasota Representative Ilhan Omar joined a gathering of European communists to discuss methods to build big government in Europe. During a discussion held in June titled “Strengthening Public Sector in the Post-Pandemic Era” Omar bragged that “progressives” like herself have had to do “almost little to zero work” in getting their agenda items passed under the Biden Administration.

The conference featured members of Die Linke, an ally of Antifa that is the “direct descendant of the former East German Communist Party”. One of the speakers, Manon Aubry, expressed excitement over the massive amounts of money being printed by the Biden administration. “I do believe that Biden’s significant move toward a progressive agenda – that has been forced by the left wing of the democrats – is a game changer for us,” she said during the discussion.

If there is one takeaway from the conference, it is that European communists are barely containing their excitement over Joe Biden’s concessions to America’s radical left.

Global Green New Deal
Manon Aubry dropped a bombshell during her presentation, stating in part that “…we are working together on a Green New Deal proposal and also a Green New Deal Alliance together with Ilhan Omar that will be launched in a couple of weeks…” Aubry went on to say that she is “very happy to build bridges between the US and the EU.”

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Ilhan Omar, who is supposed to be representing her constituents in Minnesota, praised Manon Aubry for spearheading the global Green New Deal coalition. “Manon Aubry has been an incredible partner already in building a global coalition to push for a Global Green New Deal,” Omar gushed.

Manon Aubry stressed that collaboration between American leftists and European leftists will help push the European Union in a “progressive” direction, such as been achieved under the installed puppet Joe Biden. She also mentioned that Bernie Sanders’ campaign in America gave European leftists “a lot of hope.”


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