MUST WATCH VIDEO: Vanguard & Blackrock

Right. Now look at what stocks those companies own. They own the United States Service Corporation. The corp of the USA! Then dig a little more and look at who Corporation Service Company (CSC) is and what they do and who they are registered agents of process service for. The largest 300 companies. Then dig a little more and see that the parent company of CSC (a subsidiary is of United States Service Co) is the Williams Companies. Check them out on the NASDAQ and see who their largest stockholders are. Blackrock, Vanguard, State Street Capital (they own Dominion), bought them a few years ago….
Then dig a little more to come and learn about CEDE AND CO. Have fun with learning about them. They own basically all companies on the stock exchange. We own nothing. Game of numbers. They are the DTCC. Learn about who that is. Control all the stocks. Exchange of every trade, money, etc. I believe they really are the CDC (Cede & Co). When you INNERstand who owns Cede and Co., it will makes sense. The Rothschilds are only mere employees of the Peyseur (Paymaster) Family…. they own all the railroads, utilities companies. All of it. The Federal Reserves. All started with King George. Check out and see how many people in the world that are in the government, celebrities, singers, etc., are related to King George. Blow your mind.

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