Media blackout: RICO lawsuit against Clinton foundation

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by Judgejewdy

This lawsuit links the following players: – Clinton foundation – media matters – share blue – David Brock – John podesta – George soros – Jonathan wackrow – Jan gigooly – bill Clinton – Hilary Clinton – and more……

And yet not shockingly the media is silent. Bc, of course, those in the lawsuit control the media…. (hence the lawsuit). For proof, just look at the results you get on the page when you click on links to news articles in google, the New York Times, etc. crickets.

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This is no conspiracy, it’s provable fact.

Spread the word. They don’t want people to know they control the media. The only way to get the truth out is grass roots. Maybe even hound your local news or papers. If anything just to get info out that a lawsuit is out there. People can do the rest to judge for themselves.

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RICO lawsuit filed against-Clinton Foundation, Clinton-Giustra Enterprise Partnership, Media Matters for America, ShareBlue, David Brock, Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, George Soros, John Podests, Clinton Global Initiative



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