Media SILENT: France President Macron Uses Gli-4 Tnt Grenades Against French Civilians. Civilian farm equipment used against police. All-out revolution happing in France

by lets_get_lowwerr

French civilians are in a all out revolution against the French government. The French government is using TNT “flash bang” grenades against civilians, which can maim or kill. Media is not reporting on this in America

Footage of grenades being used against civilians:

GLI-4 Grenades: GLI F4 instant grenade (or SAE 810 ) is a tear gas bomb that contains an explosive charge of 25 grams of TNT . It has been used by French law enforcement since 2011. France is the only European country to use it for the maintenance of order. It can cause severe mutilations or even kill.


Viral message spreading throughout France

“Nous nous adressons à la population, c’est le calme avant la tempête !!! Faites des provisions, de l’essence /gazoil, faites le pleins en nourriture et médicaments !!! Nous allons tout bloquer dès le 10 décembre !!! Nous nous arrêterons quand se que nous demandons sera réellement mis en place !!! Assez de nous prendre pour des cons !! Nous voulons vivre et non survivre !!! Rejoignez nous le10 décembre !! Aucune école, aucune administration ! Ouverte !! Aucun magasin !! Nous bloquerons les accès et sorties d’aéroport !!les grandes surfaces ! Les bureaux !! La Srpp !! Nous prévenons la population !!! Rejoignez nous au différents barrages ou restez chez vous ! Nous les GJ sommes non violents et ne voulons pas que de belles paroles mais des actes !!! LE 10 DÉCEMBRE TOUS ENSEMBLE !!!!”

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In English:

This is a message for the population: It is the calm before the storm!!! Make provisions: fuel, food, medicines!!! We are going to block everything starting from the 10th of December. We will only stop once what we are asking is implemented. We have had enough of being taken for fools. We want to live, and not just survive. Come with us on the 10th of December. No school, no government services open for business. We will block all entries and exits to airports, supermarkets, offices etc.. We are alerting the population. Come with us on the blockades or stay at home. We yellow jackets are non violent, but we will not be satisfied with pretty words. We want acts!

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Farm equipment used against police

Action footage of protestors vs police from last week

Edit: Currently 75,000 protestors in the matter of only 3 weeks. Police, firemen, government workers, truckers and emergency service workers are joining in solidarity.




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