Medical marijuana card in Florida

by SoberLife 


My girlfriend got her medical marijuana card today.

In case anybody needs to know, it was a very smooth process.

She made the appointment and went in today. She spent $275.00

As soon as she got there they started setting her online account up.

The doctor came in and spoke to her for five minutes. She told him she’s been having anxiety. He attributed it to PTSD. She gave them medical forms showing she’s been previously diagnosed with depression and anxiety.

She’s registered in the system and will be active within 10 days.

They gave her several prescriptions.

1. 2.5 Oz of flower – renews every 35 days
2. 28,000 mg For oral – renew every 70 days
3. 14,000 mg topical – renews every 70 days
4. 28,000 mg inhalation – renews every 70 days

They told her she’ll never run out. Based on the amounts above, I agree.

They also gave her about 20 pamphlets for vendors, along with coupons for the vendors. She can order online and have the meds next day. She can visit local vendors as well.

She’ll need to make a follow up visit after 210 days for renewals. Follow up visits cost less than $200.00

They gave her LOTS of educational material. More than either of us ever knew existed.

Hopefully this information will help others. She was very nervous going in. She thought she was going to have to jump through hoops. The doctor and his assistants were very friendly and helpful. She put off getting this card because she thought she wouldn’t qualify.

If marijuana helps increase the quality of your life, do not hesitate to go in. The people working there want to help. After all, it’s natural medicine!





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