[medical][insurance] Got billed as an ER visit at an urgent care. Spent 11 months trying to misbill us, we finally got the bill and its outrageous.

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by sadomasochrist


Hoping to get pointed in the right general direction. We had an urgent care visit for a strep throat that we got billed $1500+ on. They’re billing (edit) as a “billing modifier” even though the place is an urgent care. Their explanation is that “after 6, we charge it as an ER visit.”

We got billed for the room, doctor and care separately. And they spent the better part of a year trying to work around our insurance to bill us as hard as they possibly could.

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Shopping around, the highest we should have expected to pay for this was $450. The extent of care was an IV, throat culture and discharge. They later noted, their minimum visit cost was $700 to get a room (IV and building fee). FYI this seems to have predated needing to post this info visibly.

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Was this legal robbery? And what options are there to dispute this?

Can we pay first, dispute later?

Edit : $482 for IV saline

$391 building fee

$150 misc and culture

$479 Physician’s Assistant 45 minute new patient visit (Charged 533, 479 allowed)

Dean health care took care of $80 of the total bill.



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