Merck Claims New Experimental Covid Pill is Awesome!

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by Chris Black

We are all human mice for the angel of death, but this is absolutely fantastic. Merck is basically following into the footsteps of Pfizer, which is going to sell rebranded Ivermectin at 1000% markup to the stupid goyim:

Merck is a tad smarter though, as they are not releasing documentation for their miracle drug lol.

The new drug is called, ‘Ivernectin’. Or ‘Merckmectin’.

It will be, like the Pfizer drug, a Protease inhibitor, which is the mechanism of action believed to be involved with Ivermectin, which has very similar efficacy rates, if not better.

The difference? The price will be hundreds of times more than Ivermectin. How can Americans be so stupid?

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