Metro Detroit doctors charged in historic national health care fraud scheme

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This hadn’t popped up on the local Fox yet…aud-scheme
It was a nation wide takedown with 6 MI docs involved.
“More than 400 people across the country were charged Thursday for taking part in health care fraud and opioid scams including six Michigan doctors in connection with a raid Wednesday at the Fisher Building in Detroit.”
They name names and add a guy from Ohio and later talk about FL
“Federal authorities raided offices in the Fisher Building where National Laboratories is located in connection with the investigation.
Authorities say Rashid and his co-conspirators engaged in illegal kickbacks and billing for medically unnecessary joint injections, drug screenings and home health services.
Investigators believe Rashid’s companies’ fraudulently billed Medicare $126 million. Approximately $1.3 billion is believed to have been fraudulently billed in scams across the country”
Big bust. Andrew McCabe is actually quoted in this article
“”It’s obvious to anyone who picks up a newspaper or turns on the news that the nation is in the midst of a crisis,” FBI Acting Director Andrew McCabe said. “Opioid abuse destroys lives and it devastates families. This week, we arrested once-trusted doctors, pharmacists, and other medical professionals who were corrupted by greed. These people inflicted a special kind of damage.””
Florida place was bribing addicts.
Rand really opens it up here.

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Basically they’ve got monopoly status and the patents on the drugs go on far too long and there’s no way for almost all of the people buying the service or product to have a say on price at all. On top of that We’re forced to participate, or were since they ditched the tax for not having insurance.
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