Mexican cartel defeats the military in a battle; Kyle Kulinski makes the case for legalizing all drugs

by cosmic-serpent

Check out very well-educated progressive media commentator Kyle Kulinski making the case for legalizing all drugs- meaning taxing and regulating, as some states are doing with weed- in the context of the Mexican cartels just winning an armed battle over the Mexican government. If there’s a simple conspiracy that we all should understand on reddit, it’s the phony “war on drugs.”

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Kyle is right, and every close observe of the situation knows it: The only way to undermine the cartels and end the insane violence that comes along with prohibition is to end the war on drugs and LEGALIZE ALL DRUGS. That would reduce the profit involved and give people a place to purchase safely. The profits would go to legitimate channels, rather than violent criminal networks. You don’t see gangsters in the streets fighting over alcohol sales in 2019, do you? You did when alcohol was prohibited, though, right? It’s pretty fucking simple.

Drug legalization would be a plus for personal freedom too, and I think we all know that if MDMA, ketamine, and mushrooms were sold next to meth, cocaine and other bullshit, the “hard drug” use numbers would actually go down. It’s time to end this war; enough life has been sacrificed on the mantle of bullshit Puritanism and laughably ineffective and corrupt policy.



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