Mexican flags at anti-Trump protest in San Diego

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Yesterday, March 13, 2018, President Trump was in California to examine the eight prototypes for a border wall with Mexico.
Fox5 San Diego reports that anti-Trumpers scheduled two rallies a day before Trump’s visit against what organizers call the “wasteful, harmful and irresponsible” plan to build the wall. The first rally was held at 11 a.m. at Chicano Park by a slate of community and activist groups, including Alliance San Diego, the San Diego Immigrant Rights Consortium, American Friends Service Committee, and the local UNITE HERE union. Congressman Juan Vargas (D) spoke at the rally, “Trump is not welcome here.”
Below are pics from the rally — a sea of Mexican flags, with only one small American flag in sight. The in-your-face arrogance of the Hispanic protesters and their politician enablers!
Mexica flags at anti-Trump protest 3-13-18Mexican flags at anti-Trump protest 3-13-18Mexican flags at anti-Trump protest 3-13-18aMexican flags at anti-Trump protest 3-13-18bMexican flags at anti-Trump protest 3-13-18cMexican flats at anti-Trump protest 3-13-18
Below is the Fox5 news video — source of the above screenshots:

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Monica Showalter of The American Thinker points out that CBS affiliate Channel 8 scrubbed all of the Mexican flags in the anti-Trump rally from its coverage.


7 thoughts on “Mexican flags at anti-Trump protest in San Diego

  1. I wonder what Cheech and Chong would have to say about Trump’s border wall. Chong would probably say “Hey man like that’s gonna make it tougher to get some premium herb no?” Cheech would probably reply “Shut up and try this stuff and you might be able to leap over it man!”

  2. I love it when the stupid MExicans fly their flag!!! I am sure this got them ZERO points in Donald’s eyes. All the more reason to SEND THEM THE HELL BACK WHERE THEY CAME FROM!!!!! Insulting the President is not a good idea….but tell it to those idiots!!! Good luck with that.

  3. Make sense? Thought so!
    To make it even crazier, one of the people running for president is fighting for the “rights” of his illegal aliens in Us!!!!!!!!!!!!! What he should be doing is asking for them to come home! They are well educated and have a vision…spend it on Mexico!!
    Oh, Wait! Mexico’s #2 GNP is with America and remittances!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They make boo koos off of their illegal aliens who send $$$ “home”!!! That’s the reason Trump should START with taxing remittances that are sent out TAX FREE!!! That otta pay for the wall and then some in the first year because we won’t have to collapse our school budgets paying for esl/elll, free breakfast/lunch, medical, opt, social services…

    • That’s why the deep state keeps them coming in so they can outnumber and defeat us! The wall is going to be built and no more wars was just a tactic to throw the sheep voters off. Make israel great again and fight their wars for them with American lives but first take their guns from them.

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