Mexican Presidential Candidate Calls for Mass Exodus to El Norte!

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by Chris Black

Andrés Manuel López Obrador is probably the next president of Mexico, and during a speech on Tuesday he called for nothing less than a mass exodus/mass immigration to the US. According to this guy’s twisted (as in globalist, which is internationalist communism rebranded) world-view, free movement of people, wherever one so desires, whether it’s legal or illegal, is a human right. I don’t know what Andrés Manuel López Obrador is smoking, but it must be something awesome. Here’s the quote:

“And soon, very soon — after the victory of our movement — we will defend all the migrants in the American continent and all the migrants in the world”

dixit Andrés Manuel López Obrador, adding that (presumably Mexican migrants) “must leave their towns and find a life in the United States”, because migration is a human right, obviously. Mexico’s presidential elections are due July 1st, and Andrés Manuel López Obrador is currently the front runner. Earlier in April, the same guy criticized El Norte’s number-one gringo, President Trump respectively, and promised that his country (Mexico that is) will not become a “piñata” for the US or any other foreign government for that matter.

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Prior to running for Mexico’s presidency, 64 year old Andrés Manuel López Obrador was the mayor of Mexico City, and he already ran (and failed) twice when running for president.  According to Deutsche Welle, this guy is a “populist”, whatever that means, and he’s famous for his views on Mexican drug cartels. Basically, he wants to grant them amnesty, for whatever strange reason.

The question to be asked is why are Mexican politicians so eager to admit that their poor leadership drives their own citizens out of their homeland? And the answer is pretty straight forward: because the more people they force out, the easier it is to take their bribes from the drug cartels. I have no proof to back it up, but I would be willing to bet that over 90% of their politicians are on the take.

After all’s said and done, Obrador  is basically calling for an invasion.  That is a declaration of war. When you flood another country with your people, that is a takeover. Make no mistake: no American should consider this anything but an invasion force, as crazy as it may sound for our still-naïve compatriots.

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Now, remember this guy is a hard-core socialist and is eager to flood the US will illegals, as are all leftists, both foreign and domestic.  He might be a little more credible if the Mexican government could control their own country. One obvious solution is to close the border completely. Sever diplomatic relations and forbid all money transfers. Mexico will dry up and blow away in a month. Another solution is to withhold all government aid from illegal immigrants. They are coming against the law in the first place. They will either find work and become self supporting, or they will return home, i.e. self-deport. It’s not inhumane. It’s called personal responsibility.

Now, if you ask me, Mexico is screwed. This guy is the Chavez of Mexico, so they are doomed. If we don’t build that wall soon, by the end of Trump’s second term, we will be swamped with economic refugees from a socialist Mexico that is going to tank hard, just like Venezuela did. BUILD THAT WALL NOW. This is an emergency situation with this clown soon winning in the Mexican election.


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