Michael Snyder – God’s Prophetic Warnings for America

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Journalist and book author Michael Snyder predicts, “Judgment is coming for America.” Snyder lays out his case in his new book called “Lost Prophecies of the Future of America.” Snyder says, “What is remarkable is . . . all these people have seen the exact same thing coming (over many decades) and that is because it is all coming from the same source. . . . So, it is really a summary or a bringing together of these voices . . . warning in advance of many things that are coming. We were warned in advance a pandemic was coming, and most people don’t even realize it. . . . Another pandemic is coming too.”

The most important thing Snyder says, “If you don’t know the Lord Jesus Christ, you are not going to have any hope for the future. I don’t know how anyone without the Lord Jesus Christ is going to make it through what is coming, and looking to eternity, you are not going to have any hope at all. Ultimately, the most important think in any of our lives is our relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ.”

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Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Michael Snyder, author of the new book “The Lost Prophecies of the Future of America.”



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