MICHAEL WALSH: Held Captive by Pandemic Lies.

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Instead, based on no meaningful “science” whatsoever—but rather guesswork and computer modeling of the crudest kind—most governments adopted the Chinese ant-farm approach, treating their citizens as captives, muzzling them, and charging them with crimes should the comrades step out of line.

This way is unbecoming to the free peoples of the West, an insult to personal sovereignty, a flagrant violation of both the law and the social compact, and an act of hostile aggression against the citizens of the democracies.

Having unwisely acceded to this flagrant bait and switch, Americans and others now find that the goal posts have been moved from last Easter to some indefinite future in which either a vaccine will be found against a disease that kills almost nobody, or the virus itself is eradicated—a fool’s errand if there ever was one.

The commissars have also decreed that it’s not the number of fatalities that now matters, but the number of infections—“cases,” to use the scare term—with the added proviso that even one “case” is unacceptable.

We’ve also swallowed the misrepresentation that the more people we test the closer to liberation day we move because we can now contact-trace the infections to their sources, when in fact the more people who get infected the better it is for our health as a society.

But the governments don’t really care about any of this. Covid-19 is apparently the Worst Thing of All Time and must be dealt with on an immediate draconian basis as if it were World War Three. They’ve thoroughly frightened the population into believing that no price to pay is too great for us to wreck our way of life and our essential humanity, and then to thank—and pay—them for it.

What’s Different

In previous pandemics, the bug was allowed to burn its way through the body politic, its toll just part of the cost of being human. So what’s different about this seasonal malady?

For one thing, it’s occurring in an election year, at the start of which the American economy was firing on all cylinders in a way it hasn’t in decades. When President Trump’s political enemies realized the Covid shutdown could be wielded as a wrecker’s ball against the American and global economies, they jumped at the chance.

For another, a society that has moved from “pay any price, bear any burden” to “if it saves just one life” is no longer capable of facing or dealing with reality. With atheism ascendant, the extension of life (except for that of the unborn, of course) has become the cardinal social virtue.

In the absence of an afterlife, there is literally nothing worth dying for. Saving just one life, however, is meaningless in the scheme of things. Risking and perhaps sacrificing your own existence for the preservation of society and the future of others has become unthinkable.

For a third, governments now have a taste for it, and plan to extend the punishment indefinitely by deeming it the solution to another imaginary threat—“climate change.”

Almost from the start, the Left understood that if they could make the link between consequences of the shutdown and the decline in “carbon emissions”—something that has little or nothing to do with the Earth’s natural cycles of warming and cooling—they could keep the scam going forever.

Flashback: Woodstock Occurred in the Middle of a Pandemic.

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