Michelle Attacks Trump & Says Barack Put Americans 1st — Instantly Regrets It

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Michelle Attacks Trump & Says Barack Put Americans 1st — Instantly Regrets It Michelle Obama continued on her big book tour over the weekend in Washington, D.C., and once again the former first lady trashed President Donald Trump. Michelle claimed her husband Barack Obama was by far a much better president than Trump. In fact, Michelle went so far as to claim that Barack alwa…

Obama’s Priorities Were Reported & Obama Didn’t Put America First & Michelle (Michael) Obama is a “LIAR!!!)

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Obama Sold Out the American People and Put His Own People First…ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS!!!

Actions that speak for who and what Obama supported…a new world order to destroy “ALL” things American for a Divided States of America, with open borders and American tax dollars for illegal immigrants.


Obama handing out $18,000 to illegals

For nearly eight years, President Barack Obama’s administration has been besieged with criticism of wasteful government spending by opponents. Now in his lame duck term, a new analysis of his final federal budget proposal may have found the most outrageous example of waste yet. The Obama administration’s budget has asked for $2.1 billion set aside for illegal immigrants — which:

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Obama Took $2.6B from Veterans for Syrian Refugees

Catholic Church Paid $79 MILLION By Obama Administration To Force Migrant Invasion

Social Security, Medicare Open to Illegals Under Amnesty Plan

Obama amnesty granted 500,000 Social Security numbers to illegal immigrants


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