Michigan Congressman Demands That All 264 #MeToo Sexual Predators In Congress Be Named, Repay Tax $ Used To Silence Victims

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In this exclusive interview, Rep. Jack Bergman (R-Mi 1st Dist) says that the names of 264 Congressmen, Senators, and their staff who have settled #MeToo accusations of sexual misconduct, harassment, and discrimination must be released as soon as possible.

The Congressional Accountability Act of 1995 authorized a slush fund from which accusers would be paid hush money if they agreed to sign a non-disclosure agreement that kept the identities of the offenders secret.

Last year, the US Treasury paid more than $934-thousand dollars to victims of Congressional predators. Since 1997, almost $17 million dollars have been paid in total. Bergman said that not only should the offenders be named, monetary awards to victims should be paid by the offenders, not the taxpayer.

Lt. Gen. Bergman (USMC Ret.) also stated that California Representative Maxine Waters may face the House equivalent of “non-judicial punishment” for her calls to harass and intimidate Trump administration officials and other high-ranking Republicans wherever they can be found.

Please sign this petition, addressed to every member of the ethics committees in the House and Senate, to support General Bergman’s #WeWantNames campaign.


After you have signed it, make sure to share it. This is a bipartisan issue. No matter what your personal politics, you deserve to have honorable representation in Congress, not scumbags that use your tax dollars and non-disclosure agreements to silence victims of sexual harassment, rape, and pedophilia.



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