Middle Class American Taxed to Death by Obama/Clinton Changes With Trump

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by Thinker

OBAMA’S 95% TAX SCAM and the LIES that have Divided a Nation.

“It’s Easier to Tell the Truth, then You Don’t Have To Remember Anything” Mark Twain

Flashback 2011 – Obama’s Alias vanishing from The Web to Hide Tax Fraud

There are politicians in Washington D.C. that are looking out for the welfare of a secret society, and “NOT” the people! King calls out Obama, Soros, for election and tax frauds. Will unreleased IG reports show collusion in elections in other countries using U.S. tax dollars? Obama taxes for terror?

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Obama/Clinton History Shows it Was a Life for Bankers Wars and your Tax $$$


Trump the President Acting on Behalf of the People: ‘We’ll Be Doing a Phase 2’ Tax Cut to Bring Back Middle Class?

BARTIROMO: “Let me ask you about what’s next. Because we’ve seen the impact to the economy. What do you want to see happen now? Does the economy need even more stimulus? Are you looking for a phase 2 — ”
TRUMP: “We’re doing a phase 2, probably in October, maybe a little sooner than that. It will be more of a middle class. We did a lot for the middle class but this will be more aimed at the middle class. We’re thinking about bringing the 21% down to 20. For the most part the rest of it would go to the middle class. It is a great stimulus. And one of the things I’m doing that you have been reporting on although I’m not sure that you’re a believer, but I think you are getting there, look what’s happening with the steel companies. They are expanding. They are going wild.

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