Robert Kennedy Jr.: CDC Is A For Profit Privately Owned Vaccine Company!

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by Thinker

According to RFK Jr., the CDC is not an independent government agency but is actually a subsidiary of Big Pharma. reports: Mr. Kennedy told EcoWatch, “The CDC is a subsidiary of the pharmaceutical industry. The agency owns more than 20 vaccine patents and purchases and sells $4.1 billion in vaccines annually.” Again, no source. I have been around long enough to know that vaccine claims have to be checked and rechecked. And since this is a very old claim, one that I would like to be able to state (if it is true), I decided to review it. I am fortunate to have, as one of my partners in advocacy, fellow autism parent Mark Blaxill, an Intellectual Property expert who has been employed by billion dollar corporations to manage their patents.

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Blaxill was the man who found out that HHS, through NIH, owns patents on all HPV vaccines, and receives a percentage of the profits for each dose of Gardasil and Cervarix administered anywhere in the world. He published the stunning revelation in a detailed three part expose entitled, “A License to Kill? Part 1: How A Public-Private Partnership Made the Government Merck’s Gardasil Partner.” When I contacted Blaxill to ask how to run a patent search, he was kind enough to do it for me.

He found 57 granted US patents with the CDC listed as:…e-company/

How have the indigenous around the world survived without a hospital or pharmacy?

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They are using the same thing most pills are made of, but the Native people like their medicine all natural! For every disease, virus, and illness, there is a natural product that does what the pharmacy product does. So, why are people suffering who can’t afford a doctor? No one has told them that with a search and click of a button, the world will bring them whatever they need. How long will the suppression of good health, cures, and a better life be kept from the masses? For as long as they choose to allow it. No one has to be sick!…nterparts/


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